Went to the Chappell, and got married- my last blog post…ever

My last blog post, probably ever. Yep, I want to spend less time on social media and just enjoy everything I can. Kyle and I have a lot we’ve planned to focus on, which includes less screen time.

2019 has been one of my favorite years because I got to marry my best friend.

It was around this time last year I looked at my finances and decided I was ready to move out on my own, without any roommates. Once the New Year passed, I immediately let my roommates know that I might not renew my lease in the summer.

Kyle and I would always talk about our future house and being married but it wasn’t until then, that we sat down and actually talked about when we wanted to get married. As we talked, we realized we were ready and started making plans to get engaged, get married and move into together.

I told Kyle I wanted him to use my great-grandmother’s ring that fit me perfectly and I had no idea he already took it from my jewelry box. When he showed me he had it we actually went to the jewelry shop together and picked out the stone. Identity Diamonds did an amazing job repairing the ring!

So I knew his proposal was coming, I just didn’t know when. I still cried, happy tears, when we got engaged and when we got married too.

We did our pre-martial classes with his Kyle’s brother, who was also the pastor for our wedding. We thought about just going to Justice of the Peace first and then doing a ceremony for friends and family later, but we knew both our grandparents would want to be there, even for something small.

We had a small short ceremony in the middle of July in the Texas heat with immediate family and it was perfect. I kept the tears from rolling all the way until I started walking down the aisle, with my dad, and I looked up and saw Kyle immediately turn red, watery-eyed and tears started coming down for both of us. I can’t thank our parents and families enough for making it all happen in such a short time.

I’m so incredibly grateful for being able to take long road trips and having Kyle to talk to and we don’t even realize we never turned any music on, his sweet caring soul, that wants to do the right thing in any situation, our constant conversations about our faith and how we can help better each other, learning it’s ok to burp out loud with him and having my best friend to do life with, “forever, and ever, Amen!”

We’re still planning our ceremony and reception for extended family and friends in April, in San Antonio and I’m so excited to celebrate with everyone we love.

As for blogging, you still see me snapping pictures of our latest adventures here and there and you can still message me with questions about places around Texas, especially San Antonio, but I won’t be writing anymore. So I wish everyone a Happy and blessed New Year


Sydney Charming Kirkwood


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