Six Flags Fiesta Texas: Fright Fest

We’ve reached the last week of October and there’s a slight chill in the air. Halloween is less than a week a away and Hocus Pocus is showing almost every night. There’s five nights left to check out Six Flags Fiesta Texas’s Fright Fest.

Another one of my favorite fall traditions is in full scream. (See what I did there?) The entire park is decorated for Halloween and when the clock strikes 7pm, “you’re worst nightmares,” come to life at The Arrival.

Zombies, ghouls, vampires, aliens, clowns, you name it because all horrifying nightmare creatures descend from the foggy train. The screams and shrills begin as all mayhem is unleashed.

Though out the park there’s fright zones with characters ready to make you jump in terror. There’s also six fright houses, all with different themes. I like to be in the middle of my group so I can laugh at the reactions of my friends in front of me. Also, some monsters tends to follow the friends in the back very closely. The Blood Bayou and Carnevil 3D additions this were my favorite. I must have jumped at least 3 feet in the air from a really good fright.

Here’s some of my tips for a spooktacular good time:

  • Tip #1 get there before 6pm because it can get crowded

  • Tip #2 buy the $25 express pass! I highly recommend it. Lines into the fright house can take as long as an hour and a half. With the express pass you wait takes 0-20 minutes. You get 1 express pass for each fright house and there’s six of them. Two years in a row we’ve been able to get through all six with the express pass. Absolutely worth it!

  • Tip #3 take water. Camelbaks are allowed into the park and they have an incredible amount of eerie fog that can make you dehydrated very quickly.

  • Tip #4 have patience and fun. There’s a lot of people. So there are long lines for everything, but that’s to be expected. Just try relax and have a frightfully good time.


Sydney Charming

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