Texas Road Trip: Hondo, South Texas Corn Maize

Howdy y’all! How’s life? Fall official started last Friday and all the festivities have begun. While in Texas, fall only means second summer, the season fun still continues.

One of my favorite fall traditions is getting lost at the South Texas Corn Maize. I feel like every year they add more to do. Making exploring Graff 7A Ranch even better. Open from September 16th to November 26th. That’s plenty of time to get your boots on and have a corny time getting lost together.

For the maze, you can grab a few different trivia cards on various topics before entering to guide your group through. Each question is numbered and has a turning point. The answer you pick you give you your direction to turn, left or right. It can be pretty funny with a group that has a few of the trivia cards.

Don’t just go for the maze though! They have hayrides, jumping pillows, campfires, apple cannons, and they even added a dance hall. Oh y’all know I love some country dancing. Maybe I’ll see y’all out there this weekend!


Sydney Charming

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