Tx Road Trip| Waco| Magnolia Market and Garden at the Silos

Waco, Texas! A few years ago I would have driven straight through and not give a second thought about stopping. Now, thanks to this visit and the Magnolia Market at the Silos, I can’t wait to go back.

It was a Tuesday, during the last week of March, that we were heading back to Austin from our camping trip in Glen Rose. A few days of exploring dino tracks at Dinosaur Valley State Park had us still eager to explore around Central Texas. I mentioned to Kyle I was interested in checking out the Magnolia Market at the Silos some day. Well, he surprised me and mapped it out for our drive back.

From Glen Rose to Waco it was only about an hour and a half drive. Kyle actually went to Baylor and his brother lives there, so we had a full day ahead of us. I didn’t think it would be too busy since it was a Tuesday and we arrived around noon. I sure was wrong! It was so crowded. So many out-of-state spring breakers everywhere. I think I waited about half an hour just to use the bathroom. But the entire staff was super friendly, with warm Texas Hospitality.

The crowd was a bit overwhelming in the market but nothing a little walk around the gorgeous outdoor space couldn’t cure. I ventured into the beautiful garden. Found myself a cute little succulent for my work desk in the Magnolia Seed and Supply shop. I thought I was doing good job with keeping it alive until recently. (Just last week I finally attempted to repot it but now my poor little plant is starting to wilt over.)

Now that I had my little succulent, I went back into the market to find something to put it in. So many pretty vases and jars to pick from. Can you guess what I ended up with? A giant coffee mug! I loved that it had Magnolia Market +Garden| Waco TX on it. Perfect souvenir and holder for my attempt at being a Plant Lady. The checkout process was well organized and went pretty quickly. 

It had been at least two hours since my last snack, so I was starting to get hungry again. This trip was still during Lent and I had given up pastries. No pastries, meant skipping the bakery. All the delicious scents from the food trucks were calling my name. My mouth watered and I knew exactly what my snack would be as soon as I read it. Truffle Shuffle Fries from Milo Biscuit Company. Hand cut fries, parmasen, truffle, fresh herbs.” Lick the bowl and your finger (if they were clean) good!

Fries in hand, I was ready to tour around Baylor and see this band nerd’s old stomping grounds. Did you know they actually have bears at Baylor? I knew bears are their mascot, but I had no idea there is actually a habit for them on campus. Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat. From what I learned, there has been a lot of renovation and expansions the few years. It’s a beautiful campus and I can’t wait to go back for the UTSA vs Baylor football game in September.

Our last stop was Shorty’s Pizza Shack.

Less than a mile from campus, this scrumptious place definitely has their Baylor Bears pride on point. Hardly a surface without green and yellow Baylor memorabilia hung and framed every where. But enough about the scenery, let’s get to the good stuff. The pizza! They have daily specials and happy hour. (We happened to be just in time for both.) “Tuesday: All specialty 18″ pies for 14″ prices.” “2$ Margaritas & Sangrias,” one of each please and thank you. We ended picking the Hawaiian: “Aloha! Canadian bacon and juicy pineapple.” Oh my, it sure was tasty. Delicious crust, perfect balance of sauce and cheese. We devoured that pizza!

Now that I’ve binge watched a few seasons of Fixer Upper, and follow all their Magnolia social media, and started exploring Waco, I am so excited to go back. I want to try all of the food trucks, (maybe not all in one trip) the bakery, and pick up some home decorations. A lot more to discover than I thought. Can’t wait for my next Waco, Texas road trip.

Sydney Charming

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