Little Acts of Kindness, Great Miracles 

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” -Albert Einstein 

As I am starting to pack up my Austin life and prepare to move back to San Antonio, I can’t thank God enough for this miracle. Last night, while packing a few things, I was watching the movie, Miracles From Heaven. Oh man, I sure did cry my eyes out watching this movie! Every once in a while I’ve gotten pretty personal in my writings for y’all. So I’m just going to dive right in.

I’ve also been the type of person that tries to see everything as though it were a miracle, blessing, the brighter side of things, the beauty of life. Why? Because there’s already so much terrible sadness darkness, and negativity out there. I’ve seen it consume loved ones and turn them cold and hateful with everything. 

There are tragedies, recent and in the past that can’t be sugar coated. People lives cut short, caught in the crossfire of hate. Turn on the news and it’s another terrorist attack, police brutality, or even police being attacked. Why? Because again people get consumed and obsess over the hate with rage and try to instill it in others. Disrupting peace, acceptance, and ultimately taking away a someone’s life. 

I’ve experienced the good and bad spectrum of police. I’ve written about the nightmare of 10 years of living with a cops as a step-father. It blows my mind that 10 years later he’s even more racist, deceitful, hateful and manipulative with his own children. My heartbreaks for my Mom and my Brother and Sisters. I would think after 10 years, a decade has passed since my mom and her ex-husband divorced, my brother now an adult starting his career, and my sisters in high school, their dad would find so peace, but 10 years later we’re back in court. 

When I was in high school there was an incident with tourists brutally beaten, when my brother and sisters’s dad was still a police officer. I remember hearing him and his partner strategically writing their reports to put all fault on the victims. The crazy thing, he was only excited to be on the news, even though it was bad national publicity. So yes, I know some police officers abuse their badges, but there are just as many, if not more good officers. 

Like the officers that helped my mom and I when we needed to be protected. The officers that have pulled over, and helped with a flat tire change in the rain. Most are truly caring and good. 

Towards the end of Miracles From Heaven, they reveal a bunch of little acts of kinds that helped this family with a very ill daughter. I can’t help but be incredibly great full for the time I’ve spent and family of friends I’ve made in Austin. 

Friends that take the time to see how my family and are doing. Strangers that have helped me with car troubles. Friends that have helped me with car troubles. Yes, I have a lot of car troubles, which is probably why my dad is my dad and thank God he’s also a mechanic. People that support and encourage me to keep my head up. Most of the time I am super stressed with work, my car, my family and trying to get this move going but if I dwelled on all the stressful things I’d be miserable! You never know, your little act of kindness, can be a great miracle for someone else.

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