Texas Texas: Don Chelada Micheladas 

Oh sweet summertime! Anyone else love sitting by the pool with a delicious michelada?

Back at the beginning of summer, a friend of mine had a pool party to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. We grilled some fajitas, and had some tequila, but the highlight of our day was some Don Chelada Micheladas!  

The Texas based company, sent me some of their products for taste testing. So of course I love trying Texas made goodies! I decided to take it all to that Cinco De Mayo Celebration and they were a delicious hit. The cups are so easy and convenient to use. Just open, take out the dry mix package, pour in 24oz of your beer of choice (we used Dos XX and Lonestar,) then stir in the dry mix and it’s ready to drink up and enjoy. The styro cups come in three different flavors: Original, Spicy, and my favorite is Lemon Lime. Oh and pardon my drool, the rims of the cups are already moist and covered with a tangy chile powder salt, that’s lip puckering delicioso!

Now they also have a mouth watering ready-made bottle Michelada mix. Since we were at the pool, I decided to hollow out a few pineapples into giant cups. Flip them over, to salt the rim with a chile lime seasoning. Then filled with ice 6 oz of Don Chelada Michelada mix, and poured in 24 oz of Dos XX. Last, squeezed half a small lime inside, stir and let sit for about 10 minutes. Pineapple bliss in every sip.

Amazing mix and cups. My friends and I can’t wait to order more summer river floating trips! You find more information about where to find or how to order their cups and mix on the Don Chelada website. 

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