Austin City Limits Music Festival 2015: A #BrosBeingBasic ACL Survival Guide

You read that title right! Yep. I’ve been attending the music festival for the past few years. Since I’ve moved to Austin and live just about a mile from Zilker, I usually have friends stay with me. It’s usually some of my guy friends, cause they don’t mind crashing on the couch with my dog.

Well I’ve always prided myself on being a little unique, and definitely dance to the beat of my own heart. Never really thought I’d fall into a basic category and same with my friends. I was even bold enough to purchase this sweater and couldn’t wait until cooler weather to wear it.

Turns out I have a nothing but #BrosBeingBasic friends! (Smh! This sweater is now going up for sale.) Here’s our guide to surviving ACL ..

You’re in Austin, Texas! Start the day with Brunch!!

Don’t forget the main point of brunch…Mimosas! Everyone order different flavors so you can try all of them. Sip, Sip, Pass.

Ask for straws because betches love straws

If you don’t Snapchat it, it didn’t happen

Group photo Cheers!

Mouth open/more surprised face Selfies before chugging to get to ACL

OMG! Instagram tiny adorable desserts with a surprised expression

Essentials: Wristband ticket, Flower crowns, Flash Tattoos, Phone, Portable Charges, Trendy Sunblock, Eco-Friendly Water bottle, Sunnies, cute comfyshoes (ditch those boots with wedges or heels you know you’re going to be in those all day and will end up taking them off then step in puke…now that’s not basic that’s just rachet), and cute or vintage but probably new backpack.

Check for new Snap Chat filters upon arrival…”Selfie…ready strike a pose”

Scope out the perfect Insta pic and #NoFilter

#Squad Before photo

You can never have enough Flash Tatts!!!!

Facebook Check-in

Oh yeah if you have time between selfies listen to a band

If you don’t wear a flower crown don’t forget your fall colored felt floppy hat

Listen to that band that plays your favorite song on the radio. (Walk The Moon)

Wait about an hour for this spectacular gigantic frame to take the perfect iconic ACL Fest picture #FeelTheGoodVibes

Take selfies while you’re board waiting for the Headliners to start

Sing-a-long at the top of your lungs between chugging on your craft beer

Don’t separate from your friends, because when those brunch mimosas and dehydration kicks in, and let’s be honest, ‘pacing yourself’ went out the door after the first mimosa, they’ll be there to take pictures #canthang #basic
Good Luck,

Sydney Charming and #BrosBeingBasic

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