Texas: TopGolf San Antonio

So TopGolf San Antonio opened, have you been? My Facebook news feed has been flooded with check-ins there. I tried to go Saturday afternoon the 2nd weekend, after it was opened. It seemed like everyone in the city also tried. There was a 4-5 hour wait list! Cool, but no I don’t have patience to wait that long. 

The next day, I was all dressed up and ready to spend an afternoon around The Historic Pearl, celebrating my birthday. I called my friend, Joseph, to see if he was ready to go. Instead, he asked if I wanted to go to TopGolf. First, I laughed, then I told him about my experience the night before. To my surprise he said, “oh Vic’s already there and just got a bay.”  Of course, I was in!

We arrived around 3:30pm and the parking lots were packed, so we decided to valet. Only $7 to valet, not bad at all! Our friends had a bay on the second floor. Not nearly as crowded as the night before, thank goodness. Golf balls flying, music playing and drinks flowing. I was starving and I order the Chicken and Waffle slider. Yep, you read that right. Two delicious mini waffles with a fried chicken patty in the middle and a side of some maple syrup. Mhmm! So good!

On the weekends it’s $40 an hour per bay. About 6-7 people can play per bay. Well, the guys took turns each paying for an hour and I think we left around 8:30pm. Basically when you first start you swipe your membership card then, later you can choose how you want to play. We decided to hit about 5 balls per turn. I was so rusty. Oh well. Joseph wasn’t playing, but he said he could probably hit the net. I decided to bet him three try’s that he couldn’t. He said he’s played golf  two or three times on a full course. Well, shoot I got hustled! First, swing shook off some dust. Second swing was practice. Third swing, third swing hit the back net. So a round of shots was on me. After that the guys decided to play with an all around bet. Lowest scores has to be a full round of shots. Whew! It was actually one of the guys that hit the lowest score! 

A bit pricey if you’re going to be there all afternoon. Between just two of us, our tab was about $150, but that’s including one hour of bay time and tip.  It was to celebrate my birthday and it was a blast. I can’t wait to go back. 

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