Taste Texas: Austin: Chi’Lantro

Did you know here’s food that is so sinfully good, even the devil will thank God for? When I first moved to Austin my friend, Jack, took me to a Chi’Lantro food truck during South By South West. Wow! I can’t believe that was just about two years ago. Mhmm! The night my tastebuds meet their Kimchi Fries!

So Kimchi Fries, are some nicely crisp fries, with some Korean BBQ mixed with kimchi (your choice of beef bulgogi, chicken, pork, or tofu)on top, then a blend of shredded cheeses on top of that, and then some of their magic sauce And deliciously topped with sesame seeds and cilantro! Oh, but wait, I added a fried egg on top of mine! Are you drooling? Is your mouth uncontrollably watering? Because mine is!

Well, just around my birthday they opened their brick & mortar location on South Lamar. Jump for joy, walking distance from my place! So naturally, I went to check it out just after my birthday. I love it, bright and minimal. Their restaurant menu is different than their food trucks. I indulged in some K-Pop wings (love the name) with Gangnam sauce and Kimchi Fried Rice Balls. You can even order a beer. When I went they had a bunch of local brews on tap. I’ll stop, mostly because I just made myself so hungry. Go check it out.

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