27 My Birthday Wish: Everyone make an ARK today!

Act of Random Kindness

Thank y’all so much for the birthday wishes and blessings. I am so thankful for my family and friends. 27 wow! I’ve grown so much as a person. I used to be so shy and timid. I remember crying, when my parents made me go play with other kids. Now, especially this last year, I have become confident with my, voice, actions, and what I want with life. I am healthy and ready to spread the love of God to others. I know everything doesn’t always workout the way you plan it, but it’s still God’s plan and I give him all my love and trust. So, friends and family…y’all know I am very big on “paying it forward.” I said “I” so many times in this article. For my birthday wish I ask everyone to make an ARK today.

An Act of Random Kindness.


It’s no secret that I’ve faced and over come some traumatizing obstacles. Without a few, ARKs I’ve experienced I may have lost all hope. So whether you’re religious or not everyone go pay it forward today and make an act of random kindness. The tiniest act can make a world of a difference in the big picture. And again, thank y’all for all the birthday love!

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