Target Tuesday: Renter’s Wallpaper

My bedroom is starting to come together thanks to my Target Tuesday find. I live in a studio and really wanted to do something to the walls to help separate the rooms.  There’s a dividing wall and steps to the bedroom, but I wanted some decor.


Since, I’m renting I didn’t want to paint, or put a bunch of holes in the wall. Strolling around Target I found these rolls of Renter’s wallpaper.


“Devine Color Cable Stich Wallpaper-pond” is the title of the pattern I choose. They cover about a 25 square foot area. It’s made out of vinyl and it has an adhesive back. Pretty much like a gigantic sticker. All the one I the picture above ran about $29.99 in price. It took about 3 rolls of these to cover my wall. Had some left over so I also put it in my bathroom.   Painless, messless, so easy and pretty. I give it a double high-five.

image    image

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