Music Monday: Don’t be such a Monday!

Recently my friend Shays’ boyfriends’ family tried to set him with a crazy girl. Yes, I say crazy cause of the way she reacted when he rejected her. So this guys family didn’t really take the time to get to know my friend Shay. She a level head girl, that’s funny and honest. Anyway, her boyfriend lives in a different city and they both kind of do their own thing when they’re apart. If they start talking, or flirting, or whatever you want to call with someone else, they don’t take it seriously.

Long story short, the girl that his family tried to set him up with lost it, when she found out about Shay. Started messaging her on Instagram, blowing up Shay’s email and her boyfriend’s phone. Finally after a week Shay’s boyfriend sent that girl a link to the music video for ” I don’t f*#% with You,” by Big Sean.

I just about fell off my chair laughing when I actually listened and read all the lyrics. It was mean but it finally did the trick to get that girl off their backs. Some ladies and even some guys just need to calm down. Don’t be so quick to react to situations like this. Usually it’s best for everyone if you don’t react all.

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