Small Business Saturday: San Antonio’s Historic Pearl Brewery Shops and Montage

Black Thursday/ Friday chaos has finally ended. While most people are now eagerly awaiting Cyber Monday, yesterday was the annual Shop Small Business Saturday. I am so happy I got to spend the day in my hometown, well, city of San Antonio, Texas.


The first half of my day was spent with my baby sister and the RowdyRoady Grillers, cheering on the UTSA Roadrunners Football team. They defeated North Texas, 27-34! Go Runners, Birds Up, and Congrats! Also congrats to the Rowdy Road Grillers landing a spot in the tailgate of the year competition. Even though they didn’t win this year, their grilling so delicious and juicy, it won on just their food for me. Also, shoutout to the UTSA Marching Band, loud and clear. Oh sweet music to this former band nerd’s ears. Woodwinds, Brasses, Percussionist, and Color Guard y’all were all fabulous.

image        image

After the winning game, my sister and I decided to take a stroll on the grass or turf. The audience was invited down for a Fan Walk, once the players were cleared off the field. Then we headed back to the Rowdy Road Grillers for some more of that fantastic grilling before taken off.

Once our tummies were stuffed and happy again, we headed out to The Historic Pearl Brewery. Our goal? Ice cream. Where? Lick. There was a little bit of a long line but it only took about 5-7 minutes until we were at the front of the line.

image  image

Lick Honest Ice Creams started in Austin, Texas. It’s actually just about two blocks down the street from my place. Since I’m usually busy working I rarely get to go. When I’m home, in San Antonio, I love strolling around the Historic Pearl area. Their ingredients are from local farms, and dairies around the Austin area, making their ingredients fresh and so yummy. I indulged in the “Texas Sheet Cake,” and “Pecans and Cream.” My sister, who rarely explores food outside of her comfort zone of hot wings, and pizza, tried “Roasted Beets and Fresh Mint,” and “Sweet Persimmions and Sage.”


We wondered around, and while passing One Lucky Duck, I was tempted to run in and grab a “Berry Blue Shake”. It has blue-green Algae which is considered a super food because it’s packed with proteins, essential vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. Probably a great after Thanksgiving meals purge shake. Since I already filled up on ice cream, I decided to pass. I’ll be back!

image      image

The last shop I went into was Adelante Boutique. It’s definitely charming, and chic. I walked in and thought “can this place just be my closet?” I would pin everything in there to my pinterest. Picked out this cozy cute gray and cream colored sweater with 3/4 sleeves. I tried it on and big mistake, cause it fit perfectly! So soft, cute and cozy chic, but out of my budget for now. Again, I’ll be back!

image      image


Since we were in the area, I decided to stop by Montage Vintage. I found out about them through Instagram. They are a vintage up-cycle clothing boutique. Walking through I couldn’t just skim through and pick out one thing here or there. Pretty much every piece they have is unique and oh so glorious. I just had to look at every thing! Chandeliers, rustic frames and mirrors, made my hipster senses tingle with delight. I really wanted to pick up one of their “Francis Felt Fedoras in camel, I had seen on their Instagram account, but they were currently sold out. The theme of the evening, I’ll be back! I ended up picking up one of their “basic beanies” in gray and “knit beanies” in a maroon color.

image    image

image    image

What a great day back home! I definitely encourage everyone to take the time shop small business when ever they can. These are gems you’ll treasure forever. Topping off my evening, a majestic sunset.



Honey Crisp Apple Pie Recipe

I really wanted to make y’all a YouTube video of my pie fillings but this year I jut haven’t had time. This year I will give y’all my pie filling recipes via blog post.

Every year my family assigns different dishes to bring to our Thanksgiving feast. However, for about the last 15 years I always get assigned the desserts. Specifically the pies. Probably because I’ve always been the one in my family that consumes the most pie. I’ve tried so many recipes and have perfected my own.

Click here for my Baking Basic Pie Crust recipe.

Preheat oven to 425 degrees F

4-5 Honey Crsip Apples
1/4 cups All-purpose flour (sifted)
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon


*peel and slice apples to about 1/2cm thick.


*in a separate bowl mix brown sugar, flour and cinnamon.


*mix in Apple slices until evenly coated.

*squeeze lemon juice over seasoned Apple slices and stir until evenly coated.


*pour apple slices into pie crust and cover with another pie crust or crumble mixture.


*bake in oven at 425 degrees F for 10 minutes then bring temperature down to 350 degrees F for 30-35 minutes


*cool on a wire rack for about 30 minutes before serving

The Papaya Project

Hands down the best acne clearing homemade, face mask I’ve ever used! I used this DIY papaya face mask once a week for a month and it did wonders clearing up my skin. I usually have relatively bad acne, especially around my girl time of the month. Using this recipe made my skin blemish free.

-3 tablespoons of mashed papaya
-1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice
-1 tablespoon raw honey

Music Monday: Sweater Weather

How’s that arctic blast treating y’all? Well this #MusicMonday , here is “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood to warm your ears. Just my latest song obsession.

Music Monday: Don’t be such a Monday!

Recently my friend Shays’ boyfriends’ family tried to set him with a crazy girl. Yes, I say crazy cause of the way she reacted when he rejected her. So this guys family didn’t really take the time to get to know my friend Shay. She a level head girl, that’s funny and honest. Anyway, her boyfriend lives in a different city and they both kind of do their own thing when they’re apart. If they start talking, or flirting, or whatever you want to call with someone else, they don’t take it seriously.

Long story short, the girl that his family tried to set him up with lost it, when she found out about Shay. Started messaging her on Instagram, blowing up Shay’s email and her boyfriend’s phone. Finally after a week Shay’s boyfriend sent that girl a link to the music video for ” I don’t f*#% with You,” by Big Sean.

I just about fell off my chair laughing when I actually listened and read all the lyrics. It was mean but it finally did the trick to get that girl off their backs. Some ladies and even some guys just need to calm down. Don’t be so quick to react to situations like this. Usually it’s best for everyone if you don’t react all.

Que Pasa Central Texas: November 7-9, 2014

Alright y’all I know I have been terrible at keeping up lately. However, I have compiled an action packed list of festivities happening in the central Texas area this weekend.

First Firday: Downtown San Antonio

November 7, 2014
Time: starts at 6pm
A mini fiesta as I like to describe it. The streets of South Town are lined with arts &crafts to view or purchase, bands performing. A celebration of the arts and culture of the city. As you wonder towards The Riverwalk watch high five, and cheer on a 1st FRIDAY pub runner. Or even better join them. The theme this month is Mustache!

Wurstfest: New Braunfels
November 7-16, 2014
Time: starts 4pm on the 7th
Join this German Texas town celebrating sausage. Plenty of sausage and beer at this annual festival. Buy your DD all the food they want and see how many pitchers and cups you can stack.

Luminaria SA: San Antonio
November 7 – 8, 2014
Time: 6pm- midnight
One of my favorite art exhibit events has expanded to two days this year. Features local and intentional artist with a bunch of fun interactive art for the whole family.

2nd Saturdays Art Walk: Josephine street and surrounding area downtown San Antonio
image image
November 8, 2014
San Antonians, we love to gather and celebrate our local artist 2nd Saturday features the local artist community. There is definitely a true sense of appreciation between viewers and artist. One of my favorite local bands, El Campo, can usually be found playing  few sets that. Scout them out, take a listen, and grab a chilled Lonestar beer from on of the ice chest. It’s free.

Fun Fun Fun Fest: Austin
November 7-9, 2014
One the bigger anticipated music festival in the city of Austin. Showcasing a huge variety of music from pretty much every.