Honey Crisp Apple Pie Recipe

I really wanted to make y’all a YouTube video of my pie fillings but this year I jut haven’t had time. This year I will give y’all my pie filling recipes via blog post. Every year my family assigns different dishes to bring to our Thanksgiving feast. However, for about the last 15 years I…

The Papaya Project

Hands down the best acne clearing homemade, face mask I’ve ever used! I used this DIY papaya face mask once a week for a month and it did wonders clearing up my skin. I usually have relatively bad acne, especially around my girl time of the month. Using this recipe made my skin blemish free….

Music Monday: Sweater Weather

How’s that arctic blast treating y’all? Well this #MusicMonday , here is “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood to warm your ears. Just my latest song obsession.

Music Monday: Don’t be such a Monday!

Recently my friend Shays’ boyfriends’ family tried to set him with a crazy girl. Yes, I say crazy cause of the way she reacted when he rejected her. So this guys family didn’t really take the time to get to know my friend Shay. She a level head girl, that’s funny and honest. Anyway, her…

Que Pasa Central Texas: November 7-9, 2014

Alright y’all I know I have been terrible at keeping up lately. However, I have compiled an action packed list of festivities happening in the central Texas area this weekend. First Firday: Downtown San Antonio November 7, 2014 Time: starts at 6pm A mini fiesta as I like to describe it. The streets of South…