Cured at The Pearl: An Afternoon Trip Home

Almost a month, since I’ve been home. I finally returned to San Antonio. Two goals for my very short trip.

1. Find a location for my Grandma’s 80th birthday
2. Dinner at Cured at The Pearl

Location found! Check 1. Done. I’m excited to host this celebration at the VFW Post 76 “Oldest post in Texas”.
image  image

It’s a beautiful venue in downtown San Antonio. Along The Riverwalk close to the San Antonio Museum of Art. I’m still deciding between the 60 guest hall or the carriage house (250-300) people. Just with my grandma’s side of the family I’ve counted about 80 people! I still have a month of finalizing everything.

Later the time for goal 2, Cured, finally arrived!!! I made reservation ahead of time, for a few friends and myself. I highly recommend to make a reservation ahead of time. It was a Saturday night. Not just any Saturday night, it was also the last day of San Antonio Restaurant week.

When we arrived, I slightly panicked because there were people waiting around everywhere outside. I overheard someone say “they said our wait time is about an hour.” We checked in and within 10 minutes we were seated. I was too excited about the food, that I forgot to take picture of the place.

The building, from outside to the inside, is spectacular. “Cured”, written in gold, surround by a teal tinted tile, affirmed my arrival on the ground just as I walked pass the hostess stand. Oh wait, let’s take a few step back to the front door. The first sight, as you walk in will make your mouth water. Almost like the fairy tale, Snow White, standing as a focal point, food science, charcuterie, encased in glass and gold. If you love food and science this is glorious.

I order a delicious “Southern Belle” for a drink, it was similar to an Old Fashion.



Reminded me of the song “Sunshine and Whiskey” by Frankie Ballard. “Every time you kiss me, it’s like sunshine and whiskey.”

Charcuterie, of course, was the first plate we order. We choose Local Lamb and Citrus Terrine, Smoked Duck Ham, and 120 Day Pork Belly. All he charcuterie plates are served with their house-made Brewers Crackers. You can order three items for $18, six items for $26, and nine items for $34. We choose three, since just two of us were eating.


My entrée, goat sausage surround by hominy and cover with a friend egg. My friend, Stephanie, order lamb as her entrée. I honestly did pay attention to everything else that came with her dish. I was too busy indulging in everything else in front of me.

image  image

A charming, vibrant, candle lit tables atmosphere. Moderately priced, I think we spent about 35-40 each. The restaurant week dinner was $35. So about the same price but we got to pick what we wanted. Check 2. Done! Bravo Cured! I can’t wait to go back and try more.

*side note: my friends and I found a bit of humor, in the fact that it had been my first time back in San Antonio in about a month and I ended up hanging out with only all my Asian halffer friends. image

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