Salsa in 5 minutes

Salsa in 5 minutes

1 small can mild Rotel
1 large can whole peeled tomatoes
3 Serrano peppers
1 lime

Mhmm, I love salsa! This is my salsa in 5 minutes or maybe less recipe. I modified my award winning salsa (Ok, so…it was just a work competition, but it’s a corporation office) to a simple and quick for those busy days.

First, boil a small pot of water. Once the water starts boiling, put the Serrano peppers in until the skin starts slightly to wrinkle. Drain and let cool. Once cooled chop the stems off.

In your blender, place the can of Rotel, some cilantro (start with about a 1/4 cup then and more taste liking later), Serrano peppers, and the can of whole peeled tomatoes.

First, set your blender to chop. This will give it a chunky texture. If you like your salsa runny, set the baby to liquefy!

Last cut your lime into quarter wedges and squeeze in to taste .

*you can other things in to your taste liking. Such as, garlic powder or a garlic clove.

Simple, done, and delicious!

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